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Atmosphere: Investigation 1 - Air Temperature in the Atmosphere

In Investigation One, you will explore the effects of changing temperature in the atmosphere. In particular, changes in density and air movement are a result of temperature differences in the atmosphere. During this Investigation, you will:

  1. Apply Charles Law as you heat and cool air inside a flask to measure changes in volume and density.
  2. Measure the change in temperature of air above and below a frozen ice pack and hot metal cube.

Atmosphere: Investigation 2 - Wind and High and Low Pressure Systems

In Investigation Two, you will model the movement of air in high and low-pressure systems and learn how differences in pressure cause wind. During this Investigation, you will: 

  1. Model how areas of low and high-pressure result from different movements of air.
  2. Construct an Isobar Map for a high and low-pressure system and model the differences of pressure from varying distances.
  3. Construct a model of a barometer and observe how changes in atmospheric pressure are measured using a barometer.
  4. Calculate Pressure Gradient Force (PGF) using the following formula:

Atmosphere: Investigation 3 - Warm and Cold Fronts and Precipitation

In Investigation Three, you will experiment with warm and cold fronts and observe the result of precipitation as they collide in the atmosphere. During this Investigation, you will:

  1. Create a model of the atmosphere and observe what happens when a cold air mass and warm moist air mass meet to form a front.
  2. Model the changes in pressure that occur when warm and cold fronts pass over an area.

Atmosphere: Investigation 4 - Performance Assessment

This Performance Assessment is designed to allow students to solve a problem using the:

  • concepts with which they have become familiar during the previous three Investigations, and
  • procedures used during the previous three Investigations.


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