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Cellular Organization

Investigation 1 – PostLab









Complete the Analysis Questions in your SDR then discuss them as a class. 

  • Compare and contrast the six slides you observed. 
  • Make a prediction. Based on the drawings and descriptions of the slides in Table A, did any of the specimens come from the same organism? 
  • Was your prediction correct? 
  • What conclusions about cells can you draw after your observations today? 

Note: Questions marked with a triangle (∆) below are included to enrich your understanding. These questions do not appear in your SDR but should be used as additional discussion points during the PostLab.

  • ∆ Why did you need to use a microscope? 
  • ∆ At what magnification were you able to view cells? 
  • ∆ At what total magnification were you able to view cells with the greatest detail? 
  • ∆ How did your view of the cells differ when different objectives were used? 

  • ∆ How are cells from one organism different from or similar to the cells of another?
  • ∆ Based on your observations during this investigation, do you feel that you can answer this question? If so, how would you answer? 
  • ∆ Based on your observations, do you feel that you can make generalizations about the characteristics of plant cells or animal cells? For instance, can you determine that all plant cells are a certain size or that all animal cells are arranged in a specific manner? 
  • ∆ What further information or observations do you need to form a scientific conclusion about the differences or similarities between cells of different organisms? What other variables or factors should you investigate? 
  • ∆ Before you discovered the identity of each of your slides, were you able to identify whether cells were from multicellular organisms or unicellular organisms? 



Complete the Focus Question in your SDR then discuss it as a class. 

  • Can you identify the type of organism a cell comes from through observation? Explain your answer.