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Chemical Reactions

Investigation 1 – PostLab









  • When you have finished your Investigation, discuss the data in Table A.
  • Complete the analysis of your data by drawing a best fit line in problem 1d of the Analysis section in your Student Data Record.

    Note: If necessary, you should refer to the procedures for Determination and Graphing of Independent and Dependent Variables Drawing of a Best Fit Line and Graphing of Independent and Dependent Variables

    Analyze your graph by answering the following question. 

    • How does the concentration of the reactants affect the amount of heat produced by the reaction? 

    Think about the signs of a chemical change and answer the following question. 

    • Since the appearance of the liquids in the reaction did not change after both reactants were added to the cup, what other sign suggested that a chemical change occurred? 

    Based on the data collected in the Investigation, answer the Conclusion questions then compare your conclusions with your predicted answers. 

    • What happens to the reacting chemicals in a chemical reaction? 
    • What is produced in a chemical reaction? 
    • How do you know that a chemical reaction has occurred?


Complete the Focus Question below in your SDR then discuss it as a class. 

  • In a chemical reaction, what is the relationship between the amount of reactants and the amount of products?