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The italicized font represents information to be shared orally or physically completed with the students at this time.

The non-italicized font represents additional information included supporting the teacher’s understanding of the content being introduced within the CELL.


This Investigation is designed to

  • allow students to solve a problem using the concepts with which they have become familiar during the previous Investigations, and
  • allow students to solve a problem using the procedures used during the previous Investigations.


By clicking the link below, the Performance Assessment Grading Rubric may be downloaded as a PDF (Portable Document Format) and printed. It is suggested that the teacher uses the printed rubric as a guide and to make additional notes during the assessment.


Teacher Preparation for the Investigation includes the following. This preparation should be done prior to students arriving in the lab.

  • Chill enough water to provide each student group with 200 ml of water (4 oC).
  • Place all materials at a central location (see list below).

Note: The teacher may choose to write the list of materials on the board or tell students orally what materials they need the day of the lab.

  • Divide students into cooperative groups of five students.

Student Preparation for the Investigation includes having students gather the following materials. This preparation takes place on lab day after student lab groups have settled at their assigned lab tables.

Note: The materials are NOT listed in students’ SDRs. They are listed below for your reference.

  • (1) brass cube
  • (1) aluminum cube
  • (1) hotplate/stirrer
  • 200 ml 60 oC water (prepared by students during the assessment)
  • 200 ml 4 oC water (prepared by the teacher in advance)
  • (1) stopwatch
  • (1) calculator
  • (1)100 ml graduated cylinder
  • (1) pair of forceps
  • (2) 100 ml beakers
  • (1) 400 ml beaker
  • (3) 8 oz styrofoam cups
  • (1) “hot hands’ protector
  • (1) triple beam balance
  • Direct one student from each lab group to collect the materials.



  • Ask students to read the Background for the Performance Assessment, and discuss if necessary.


  • Ask students to read the Goals of the Performance Assessment, and discuss if necessary.

Heat PA Goals

  • Explain to students that the Performance Assessment requires only those procedures and skills that they have used in the previous Investigations.
  • Allow students to conduct their experiments and encourage them to record their data carefully.


Let students know your expectations for cleanup. Ask them to clean up.


Discuss the results of the Performance Assessment as a class, including:

  • all possible solutions to the posed problem,
  • whether each student group met the goals of the Performance Assessment, and
  • any procedural difficulties student groups had in meeting the goals.

Heat PA

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