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Investigation 4 – PostLab









Complete the Focus Question in your SDR then discuss it as a class.


Complete the Analysis Questions in your SDR then discuss them as a class. 

  • Which medium produced the greatest refraction of light? Use data to support your answer.

  • How does the index of refraction affect the amount that light waves are bent or refracted? 
  • When you observed the pins through the semicircle, the water, and the oil did they appear different than when viewed without the semicircle, water, and oil? Why?

Note: Questions marked with a triangle (∆) are included to enrich your understanding. These questions do not appear in your SDR but should be used as additional discussion points during the PostLab.

  • ∆ Why is the refraction of light more apparent when it passes through some mediums as compared to others? 


How does a change in mediums affect the wavelength of light? 


The Comprehension Check is designed to summarize the CELL and provide the teacher with an informal way to assess students’ understanding.

If time permits, answer each question below. 

  • What is the relationship between a wave and its medium? 


  • How does wavelength affect the perception of light?