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Space: Investigation 1 - Day, Night, and the Seasons

In Investigation One, you will model the positions of Earth and Sun during day and night. You also will model Earth’s tilt and its effect on the seasons. During this Investigation, you will: 

  1. Create a model of the Earth and Sun to simulate day and night at various locations on the globe.
  2. Model the position of the Earth during the four seasons.
  3. Measure light intensity during each season using a light meter.
  4. Observe how Earth’s tilt causes the seasons.

Space: Investigation 2 - Revolution of the Moon and its Phases

In Investigation Two, you will illustrate the effect the revolution of the moon has on its phases. During this Investigation, you will:

  1. Model the rotations of the Earth and the revolutions of the moon.
  2. Discover how the Sun’s light affects the moon’s appearance.
  3. Identify each phase of the moon.

Space: Investigation 3 - Effects of Gravitational Force

In Investigation Three, you will discover how a force affects objects in motion. You will also explore how gravitational force is responsible for maintaining planetary motion and the orbit of the moon. During this Investigation, you will:

  1. Simulate Newton’s First Law of Motion as you model the movement of an object in motion.
  2. Model the effects of gravitational force on planetary motion in orbit around the Sun.

Space: Investigation 4 - Orbit of the Earth and the Moon

In Investigation Four, you will continue your exploration of the orbit of the Earth around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth. During this Investigation, you will: 

  1. Model what happens to the orbit of an object when gravity no longer exists and its relation to Newton’s First Law of Motion.
  2. Simulate the orbits of the Earth and Moon.
  3. Illustrate the series of straight lines that comprise an orbit of an object in motion and the relation to Newton’s First Law of Motion.


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