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Making and Recording Observations

Investigation 1 CAP


Making and Recording Observations: Investigation 1 – CAP


In this CAP we will give you the experience of making observations over a long period of time (two or three weeks). This will allow you to look at the data that was collected and discuss it. Therefore, this simple CAP provides you with practice in observing and recording. It is important that you understand the term Data by the end of this CAP.


This slide shows a weather map. Notice that it has low and high pressures indicated (L and H, respectively). The lines with triangles are fronts. You probably have seen similar maps on television.


This slide shows weather data being collected over a period of three weeks. Notice that Saturdays and Sundays are not included on the table. It may be difficult to collect such data over the weekend. However, if your teacher would like to include weekend data, he or she may do so. The important point is for you to learn to record data.

Your teacher might ask you questions like, “Do you see any patterns in the weather?” For example, you may see a pattern in that the temperature is increasing or decreasing as the week progresses.


This final slide is simply included to give you an idea of the kind of data your class may collect. Your teacher might ask, “How many times did it rain over the past three weeks?” or ‘What was the hottest day during the period that we observed the weather?”. He or she might also ask you questions about patterns in the weather over the course of the three weeks. For example, “Is there a pattern between windy days and cooler temperatures? Or sunny days and warmer temperatures?”