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Using and Making Models – Investigation 3 CAP


Using and Making Models: Investigation 3 – CAP


In this CAP we will take a quick look at how pollution can impact the environment. You should consider essential things that plants and animals need to survive and how organisms can change their environment. We will review three major types of pollution; water, land, and air pollution. During this short presentation, you should think of ways to limit pollution and its damage to the health of plants, animals, and humans.


This slide shows dirty, polluted water on the left and clean water on the right. Ask yourself “In which water would I rather swim? Which water do I think is best for animals and plants?” What are some ways to keep our water clean? (Examples: not dumping chemicals in water, don’t throw garbage in the water, etc.)


This slide shows dirty land on the left and clean land on the right. Ask yourself, “In which park would you rather play? In which park do I think animals should build their shelters?” Next, think of ways to keep our land clean. (Examples: put trash in recycling containers, don’t cut down all the trees, etc.)


This slide shows dirty air on the left and clean air on the right. Ask yourself, “Which air would you rather breathe? Which air is better for other animals to breathe?” Next, think of the ways to keep our air clean. (Example: don’t burn trash, don’t put chemicals in the air, drive a bicycle instead of a car if possible, etc.)


This final slide shows some of the solutions to water, land, and air pollution. You may already have thought of some of these solutions earlier. Can you think of other solutions to the problem of pollution?